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Stay at the forefront of the evolving workplace with in-house live virtual training from the CIPD 

Why virtual?
It's critical for businesses to adapt to the changing environment. Our range of interactive live virtual classes specifically prepares HR teams for the ‘new normal’, and places the learners are at the core of the course design. This is not a transposition of face-to-face learning. Rather, it is a blended experience comprising of synchronous and asynchronous learning, designed to maximise learning retention and engagement.
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Available courses

All programmes have been carefully curated to provide a learner-centric experience, enriched with additional resources in a format that supports learning retention. However, please                                 if you'd like to receive course outlines, or if you wish to explore other topics in the field of HR, L&D and people management.


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Strategic Workforce Planning
Compensation & Reward Management 

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Spaced-out learning

The programmes run over time to allow learners 
to apply their new skills and personalised individual follow ups support better learning retention.

A learner-centric approach

The course content is designed to engage the learner in various ways to meet their desired learning outcomes, 
with the ongoing support of their dedicated CIPD trainer.

Active learner engagement

The live virtual programmes combine self-directed learning 
with facilitated technology-based activities, to reinforce learning, 
support knowledge retention and skill application.

Social learning

Activities are designed for participants to interact with their colleagues, share experiences, challenges and ideas, ask questions and create a memorable, connected learning experience.

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If you're interested in other CIPD products, such as professional qualifications, capability assessment, endorsement, Group Experience Assessment, Affiliate Membership or you would like more information about how the CIPD can support your team and your organisation,


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What's included?

Learning portal
Learners will have access to a digital learning space from the week before the programme starts, with some introductory pre-learning activities.

Kick-off session: 
The first class allows learners to get introduced to the programme and trigger their 

Live virtual instructor-led class: 
The course instructor will deliver key learning content and engaging activities (such as breakout sessions, polls, quizzes, mind-mapping exercises) to ensure comprehension.

Project work: 
All courses include project work which can be agreed with you to ensure on-the-job applicability and maximise your return on investment.

Wrap-up webinar:  
This 90-minute session will reinforce learning and wrap up the experience. This may involve a presentation or take the shape of a coaching discussion.

CIPD certificate of attendance will be provided for participants who have actively attended 70% of the live classes and completed the course work.

Train the Trainer
Leveraging HR Analytics & Data
Job analysis and job redesign
Remote Teams: Managing remote teams
Remote Teams: Difficult conversations in remote teams
How to design & deliver successful webinars

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