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CIPD HR Essentials

3 Day Short Course in Dubai
17-19 September 2018 

Championing better work and working lives

This highly informative, practical 3 day short course in the fundamentals of HR, will introduce new or less experienced HR administrators to the role and activities of the HR function and how it contributes to delivering organisation success. Participants will learn how successful and effective HR professionals recruit, train and develop employees and why to reward them fairly, using both financial and non-financial systems. They will focus on what keeps employees engaged at work and how HR supports employees to learn new skills so they’re motivated and productive. 


Key learning objectives


By completing the course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain the key role and expectations of an HR practitioner and the knowledge, skills & behaviours required to be effective now and in the future
  • Appreciate the changing world of work in which HR and L&D is operating and its role in an organisation’s success
  • Deliver customer focused HR service delivery and handle complaints 
  • Know how to maintain a positive approach in the organisation’s relationship with its employees
 Participants will ‘take away’ a rich resource of further reading materials including CIPD factsheets,  podcast links, checklists, tools and templates to start their journey as HR professionals.


Put the fundamentals of good HR into practice
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CIPD HR Essentials

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